12 tips for growing and maintaining healthy hair

Is your hair still growing? Do you feel like you have been stuck at the same length for years? Perhaps it is looking dull? Here is a refresher that has been compiled to help you improve your hair quality by paying attention to your hair care routine as well as being watchful of what you put on and in your body. We all know what is good for our hair right? We just tend to go off track now and then. We compromise a little here , skip a treatment there , and the next thing you know, our hair is in seriously trouble.

Notice how vegetarians  have healthy skin and hair?

Nutrition is a vital step to great looking, growing hair. Put on your chef’s hat and prepare your own delicious, healthy meals. We are not say quit the meat just yet, but rather cut back  as much as you can. To ensure that you are getting adequate vitamins, make your plates as colourful as possible.

Eat more live foods. Increase your intake of Raw fruits and vegetables. Boost your protein intake by incor­po­rat­ing more nuts, chick­en, fish, and beans into your diet.  Protein keeps your hair strong while it’s growing. Who wants weak hair?

You can also  Take a good multi vitamin that includes iron, B12 and zinc. Multivitamins usually take a little while before you see results, around  2-3 months.

Fresh box of fruits and vegetables


Take longer breaks between Relaxers

It is not a question of relaxing your growing hair or not but rather incorporating more natural products in your hair care routine. How often are you relaxing your hair?

Relaxers not only cause permanent change to the hair structure but they affect your skin as well. Ensure that you visit a professional to relax your hair. Use  a neutralising shampoo after relaxing to prevent  further damage to the hair and scalp.

Relaxers, ideally, should be done every 6 months for optimum health of the hair strands.


Hide your Combs and brushes

Do you regularly comb your hair?

Combs and brushes are the leading cause of unnecessary hair loss. If you must use these, make sure to finger detangle your hair first with conditioner or a detangling product. Always finger detangle before attempting to brush your hair. Choose wide tooth  combs and brushes with fewer bristles.

Hair colour  with protein

Who doesn’t love a great looking colour right? Note, chemical dyes can also have adverse effects that may make your hair break or fall out and stop growing. Always protein-treat your hair before applying dye. Try alternative dyes such as henna which is natural and substantially safer.

Lungi Radebe


Reduce Excessive direct Heat

You know that smell that you get when you apply direct heat on your hair? That is your hair burning. You cannot undo it.

Direct heat from hair dryers and straighteners can cause your hair to become weak and to lose its natural curl pattern. Use your hairdryer on low to medium settings. Deep condition your hair to strengthen it before heat styling. They coat the strands to create a barrier between your tresses and heat exposure. Better yet, avoid heat and air dry your hair instead. You can do twist or threading to stretch your hair if you need to.

Essesials Hair dryer- Clicks South Africa


Remove ”Protective” styles in time

Getting your braids done is fun and a good way for growing your hair, but can the same be said for removing them?

Detangling can be painful and sad when there is too much hair loss. Wearing styles for lengthy periods can cause your real hair to knot. Keep your protective style for no longer than 3 months. Build-up can be difficult to remove the longer it remains in your hair.  To minimize damage, keep the hair and scalp clean and oiled. You could try coconut oil too keep the hair soft or castor oil for improved thickness. A dry scalp could cause dandruff which can add to unsightly build-up as well as unnecessary breakage.




Health is everything. “As within, so without”

Notice how great you feel after a great jog? Your hair feels the same!

Blood flow is important to growing hair.  Exercise increases blood circulation to the body including your scalp. Exercise boosts the flow of oxygen and nutrients  in your bloodstream. You can also give you increase blood flow to your scalp with head massages.

Comrades marathon 2017


Leave Cigarettes alone

Have you ever met anyone who smokes and does not want to quit? Let’s admit it, it’s a disgusting little habit which makes everything smell, including your hair.

Smoking constricts your blood vessels thus depriving your skin of oxygen.  The  chemicals, in cigarettes damage your cells and reduce the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream. Your hair follicles not only won’t receive the proper nutrients, but will also suffer damage from the  toxins entering your body fluids. Smoking cannot only cause your hair to stop growing but it can lead to premature hair loss as well.



Don’t Overuse products

“Product junkie” is a commonly used term in the natural hair world. It is easy to become hooked on the next best thing.

Even too much of a good thing is bad for you. Don’t use too many products at once. Whether you are using natural products or not, product build-up is still an issue. Keep your daily use to a minim of three or less. Wash hair and scalp to remove excess product.


Eliminate Alcohol

Excessive drinking is one of fastest way to age. Let that sink in.

Soaking your liver in alcohol is not only detrimental to you body and brain, it also steals your beauty.

Alcohol causes a reduction in the levels of zinc and iron in the body, which are both essential to hair growth. A defi­cien­cy in any of these nutri­ents can result in weak­er strands (and thus break­age) or even hair loss. Not only does alcohol interfere with the hair growth rate, but heavy drinking can reduce the quality of the hair and skin as well.


Avoid Unkempt hair

Knots and tangles will be the end of your hair. Take care of your crown. Finger detangle often. Deep conditioners are your best friend. Detangling  conditioners are a life/hair saver. Conditioners coat your hair with oils and create enough slip for you to remove your tangles easily. If there is one thing you must try as a person with kinky hair, it’s definitely a detangling conditioner. You will be wondering why you have not been using it all your life! Try Auntie Jackie’s.



It is called beauty sleep because your body repairs itself while you nap. Your body works to renew its cells when you rest. This is a case of ‘You snooze, you win!’. Go to sleep and let your body do all the work.




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