Have you thought about the benefits of Natural on your health?

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More people are choosing natural and with good reason. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ on your body?

All the products that you apply, directly affect you. Chemicals sink into your pores- from your scalp if you’re using hair products, all the way down to the nail polish on your toes.

SO what harm can a little chemical do? Probably nothing today but how about over a number of years or decades?

Have you ever thought about how many chemicals you are applying daily to your skin? Let’s start at the top shall we?



We apply more chemicals on our hair than  probably any other part of our bodies. Let’s think about that for a minute.

The scalp is the covering for your brain. The brain is an organ that you want to keep as healthy as possible for the rest of your life. Here is a list of what the average person uses on their scalp and hair:




Hair butters



Strengthening treatments

Add relaxers to that if that's your preferred look

The amount of chemicals we use on our hair can have harmful effects not just on us but the environment as well. Think of how many times your child has played with your hair and stuck their fingers in their mouth a few seconds after.



The face is another part of the body that has become a home for chemicals. Depending on whether you are male or female, a make-up person or not, you may be using more products on your face than your hair.

The face represents you. It is the first thing others notice about you. What are the long term effects of non natural products that are out there? Are they possibly making you age quicker? The consensus is that makeup is aging to the skin.

Some products may lead to side effects that will require a secondary product. Eg, a drying face wash often advertised as a “deep pore cleanser”‘ will need a secondary or sister product  such as an ‘intensive’ moisturizer to counteract the effect of the first product . Here is a list of some of the common face products that are available in the market.















Do you know the ingredients in toothpaste? I don’t. Now that is a scary fact. I have been using toothpaste twice a day for as long as I can remember.



You may think that it’s alright to use chemicals on the rest of your body but what if there are effects there too? DO you realize that no one seems to agree on the cause of cancers? What are you applying to your breasts? What about your stomach. Do you not think that applying chemicals on your belly repeatedly over a period of nine months could possibly have an effect on your unborn? The beauty industry is a money hungry industry and no one is going to give you direct answers therefore you need to take the initiative and be pro active about researching alternative natural and safe solutions for your overall health.




What are you eating? Do you know what the ingredients are in a tin of baked beans? What is in that sauce ? Read everything.

Natural Solutions

You may not be able to eliminate everything that you use right away, especially without having alternatives,  but you can make a conscious decision to be more selective. READ INGREDIENTS. Be more aware. You deserve peace of mind.



Sihle Nyeleti Mtetwa - Natural beauty


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