#NO_WEAVE_FEBRUARY Are you ready for #No_Weave_February 2019? We are just moments away from the auspicious month of natural beauty appreciation #No_Weave_February. It’s perfect timing because [...]


detangling-4c-hair the smart way

If you can master detangling, you are well on your way to healthy growing hair! Detangling can me a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be though…  With the correct supplies and attitude , [...]


Ten reasons to go natural

Ten reasons to go natural You will fall in love with your hair The more often you wear your natural hair the better you will get at looking after and styling it. Once you understand what your [...]


Oya … Own Your Afro

Send your hair photographs to info@ownyourafrica.co.za for blog features #BeYouTiful   Love my hair even when it’s messy 😉 … Wishing everyone an awesome day! #beYOUtiful Posted by BIG [...]

Jamaican Black Castor Oil – the NATURAL HEALER

BIG HAIR DOES CARE  “Jamaican Black castor oil is the number one choice amongst naturals.” What is JBCO? The dark nutrient rich oil is obtained from pressing castor beans.It’s [...]