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One of the ongoing debates among African women is whether or not the way we wear our hair is a reflection of our self esteem.

Having met many women of various backgrounds and cultures I think that there is more to self love than a simple hairstyle choice. There are plenty of women who love themselves andwear weaves from time to time. Perhaps we need to break down the term ‘self love’ and what it actually entails.

Surely a woman who takes care of her hygiene loves herself? What about a woman who is focused in life and has a successful career? Certainly she would have to love herself in order to achieve such. What about the student who is excelling in her subjects? Or the woman whose house floor is so clean you would happily have your last supper on it? Do these characteristics not point to self love?

Here is a list of some of the characteristics you will notice in yourself if you have a positive self esteem.

  • You feel good about your personality.
  • You are pleased with your appearance.
  • You feel confident about your abilities.
  • On the whole, you are satisfied with yourself.
  • When you make a mistake, you learn from it and move on.
  • You feel as smart as others.
  • You find it easy to admit when you don’t understand something.
  • You openly express your opinions to others.
  • Overall, you believe that you are successful in life.
  • You think about yourself with positive and encouraging thoughts.


SO  we can see that  hairstyle choice alone is no indication of self worth or value.

Wearing your hair in its natural state is not a measure of self love either. It is however an indication of self acceptance. Accepting yourself as you are does not mean that you have no desire for improvement. Just because you accept your body, for example, that doesn’t mean that you cannot go to gym to improve it.

The reality is that there are women who are not confident about their hair and these are the sisters that need all our love. They really do not need our criticism because they are criticising themselves already. Society has done enough damage through the years. Instead of bashing what you hate rather focus on what you love. Rock your hair. Be proud of it. Soon others will be inspired to do the same. This is one thing we can be proud to do together as sisters. Celebrate black beauty. Put some respect back on Black.

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  • Nozipho

    Beautifully put.

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