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I love myself. I love my hair. I love my body. I love my mind.

I repeat these words as I look in the mirror wondering when I became so obsessed with natural hair.

looking back I’ve mostly kept my hair natural. There was even a period where I had dreadlocks simply because I loved braids and wanted the look without having to undo the hairstyle every couple of  months. I enjoyed styling my dreadlocks and would frequent a well known dreadlock salon  every 4 to 6 weeks for a re-twist, as recommended by the stylist. I wish salons would be more concerned with the health of our hair. Twisting and styling your hair tightly so often will have disastrous results as I later found out.

I had dreadlocks three times over a period of 11 years before calling it quits.

My hairline was terribly thin at that time and I again went to a salon for a new hairstyle. And so my short two year journey of weaving began. Weave was that rebound boyfriend.

Whatever hairline  was left after I had removed my locks , simply disappeared with the weaving. It must have melted into my scalp after it realized the embarrassment it was causing me.  It took me two years to admit that weave styling techniques where the problem. At one point it got so bad that it looked like I was wearing a brown Alice band.

I woke up one morning, feeling hot and bothered and started frantically looking for a pair of scissors. Once I had found it, I skipped to the bathroom and proceeded to remove the weave. I knew right then that that would be the last time I would style my hair in this way. I broke up with weave. Walked away with no explanations. Cut  weave loose and bad mouthed him. Told everyone that I knew about what a horrible partner he had been. How no one should go near weave.

I then, like every other time we experience disappointments, realized it was not about weave. I wasn’t going to give weave another second of my attention. Weave was going to miss me , not the other way around. My life was going to be so much better without him.

And so it was.

I love myself. I love my hair. I love my body. I love my mind.

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  • Mhligo

    I love my dreadlocks, I love my natural hair and I love my mind.Big thanks to you for sharing your amazing story.


    Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts! I am glad that you also love your natural hair.

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