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I never did and still don’t quite understand the reason behind an African woman having to shave off her hair after the burial of her husband. Until I found myself walking in to the salon and instructing my reluctant hairdresser to cut off my shoulder length hair that I had been patiently growing for a couple of years after having a bad case of Traction alopecia. It would be safe to say I was having a Britney Spears melt down moment considering all that was happening in my life, i.e. Career, family and social life at that time. I had completely become undone, yet with every section of hair that was being cut off I felt a huge sense of relief and I found myself smiling from within and burst into laughter!


There was certainly no turning back, as my hair covered the salon floor; the woman staring back at me from the mirror was exposed!  A comparison to the custom might seem like an exaggeration, especially since I hadn’t physically lost anyone. I have a loving supportive husband, two young beautiful daughters and we are never without. Yet I was very overwhelmed! Having had survived a brain haemorrhage 3 years ago I never did deal with the emotional aspect of going through such an ordeal let alone the implications it had on my career.

I was in mourning of my former self  and just like a Widow who has to face the uncertainty of what lies ahead after losing the Head of her family , I too had to accept that there are certain things in life that we just don’t have control over. Grieve, mourn if need be, acknowledge the situation and find the strength to stand up to soldier on with life’s challenges.


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  • Asanda

    Hi sinothule
    My name is asandabi would like to buy a jar of t444z hair food but I stay in eastern cape east London if you could help me find an agent to buy the jar that would be really helpful

  • Nikki

    Im based in Durban. Is Zama still an agent as she is not answering her calls ?

    • ADMIN

      You may contact Zama on whatsAPP


    We are an online shop.

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