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Are you ready for #No_Weave_February 2019?

We are just moments away from the auspicious month of natural beauty appreciation #No_Weave_February. It’s perfect timing because February is also the month of love. Do you not want to meet the love of your life while you are at your most natural? Wouldn’t it be wonderful for someone to fall in love with the real you so that you don’t have to question if he still likes you with your weave off? Sadly there are women who have worn weaves throughout their dating lives and well into marriage and their husbands have made it clear that they prefer weaves! Can you imagine not being able to change the way you wear your hair for the rest of your life because your partner prefers it that way?

Self acceptance and confidence

Well truth be told, this is not about men. No Weave February is about encouraging the black woman to look into the mirror in her natural state and deeply know that she is gorgeous. It is about being confident in the beauty that the creator has defined in your unique features. Do you feel beautiful when you look in the mirror with your natural hair? Perhaps you get more likes on social media when you have a weave? Are you more confident when you have long flowing hair even though you are hiding your own?

No to Afro Shaming

We are fighting for the afro. Say no to afro shaming because African hair is beautiful. Your super tight coils make your hair strong and versatile and you can plait the most creative and intricate hairstyles which really has everyone else envious. No one can wear as many hairstyles as an African woman with an afro. African women have been lied to that their hair is untidy or nappy.

The time is now

It is up to African women to redefine what beauty is and to take back their crowns. Be very offended if someone speaks negatively about your hair. It is your hair. You were born with it. It is beautiful. You are beautiful. Stand up black woman. The time is now!

Spread the word and let every black woman know about the hash tag #No_weave_February.


Every Share with the Hashtag will automatically be entered into our #No_Weave_February natural hair product giveaway.

Winners will be announced on our facebook page OYAHair-Own.Your.AFrica

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