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T444Z has managed to combine trusted, effective ingredients to produce an indisputably exceptional, first class hair food. It contains Aloe Vera and peppermint which encourage the scalp to breathe whilst treating unnecessary sebum. This alone can boost your hair growth.   The hair food contains many natural ingredients which are known to be beneficial for growing and maintaining healthy, growing hair.  It can also be used to treat hair loss, weak hairline, itchy scalp and dandruff.

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We have to give our hat off to T444Z for producing a product that combines the most effective, trusted ingredients without altering their individual effect with chemicals. It is a lot of goodness in one tub.

With just two or three applications per weak, you will soon see an improvement in the quality

of your hair.


It is a plant based product that was developed from natural ingredients extracted from the trees deep from the forests of Africa. In the interest of keeping it organic, T444Z has limited the use of preservatives.

Use T444Z for massive hair growth, volume and thickness. It also repairs hair lines, stops balding, dandruff, scalp dryness, itchiness and hair loss.


Massage into scalp 3 times a week.

T444Z can be used to address issues such as balding, thinning hair, hairline damage, dandruff, ring worm, scalp eczema and dry itchy scalp

The product also increases the length, volume and health of hair.

If you suffer  from tration alopecia, please note that at  the later stages of the disease, traction alopecia is irreversible. Patients with longstanding disease develop a scarring alopecia with fibrosis of the hair follicles. In those cases, hair transplantation and flaps have been described with good results.


Aloe, Herbal extract, Rose oil, Chamomile, Menthol, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Castor Oil, Peppermint, Papaya Extracts, Vitamin A, Carrot Extracts, Shea Butter and Essential Oils.




15 reviews for (150g) T444Z HAIR FOOD

  1. Busi

    Where can I buy it in Johannesburg

  2. portia chitaka

    Its a good product,my hair was very very fine now its very strong,and i was bald on my hairline now my hair is growing nicely

  3. Christine

    I need T444Z hair food, how much does it cost? and where can I buy I in Cape Town?.

  4. Banele

    Where can i buy it (Hairfood) in Johannesburg

  5. Natasha

    Where can I buy it in the eastern cape. I stay in Aliwal North and would love to test this product.

    • ADMIN

      Hi Natasha. If there are no agents in your area please send us an email.

  6. Grace

    Hi I would like to purchase this product hair food and I’m staying in King Williams town how can I get it

  7. Zandile (easterncape)

    I send you an email,m also interested

  8. Livhu


    Can you please advise,Where can I buy T444z in johannesburg?
    I really need it.

  9. Gerri

    There’s a terrific amount of knogwedle in this article!

  10. Nomzamo

    Im so blessed with this hair food my hair was becoming very small at the back,since last year May 2015 i followed the rules of this hair food it has been a year now i see the differnce. Have grown with volume and my hair is so healthy. People always ask me what am i using and where to get it.

  11. Lorna

    WERE CAN I the hair food Johannesburg

  12. Ntombi

    Is it true that the tzzz4 hairfood sold in stores is not the original one? Ntombi

    • ADMIN

      T444Z is sold by agents throughout SA. Some agents own salons and hair product stores.

  13. moreblessing

    Where can I get it in port elizabeth now I need two please

  14. moreblessing

    I need two now where can I get It in port elizabeth

  15. Zikona Sokweba

    Where can I get it I’m in PE

    • ADMIN

      We courier around SA

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