Goals! Goals!

The last few days of December feel like a very long, well deserved Sunday. It is the 27th today, time is 07:30 am. I am thinking about goals, vision boards and  how I would like to wrap up my year.

I  have a vision board for 2017. My vision for 2018 is still exactly the same.

I do not see the need to change anything on my current vision board as I believe that I am well on my way to manifestation. I sense that the ground work has been done and I am being prepared to achieve what I have set out to. The lessons were admittedly slightly harsh in 2017 but I have a thicker skin thanks to 2016. Life has been quite a self discovery/creation process this last decade , that my skin is now genuine leather. Not only can my skin put a pair of Froggies to shame but I am also more patient. Much, much more patient.


 As school children, we were taught to cut out pictures from magazines and to paste them on to a colour card board or white A3 sheet of paper. We were given a theme or topic that our collage should be based on. I would look forward to going through all the magazines at home and being allowed to cut out whatever pictures I needed. I remember the feeling of joy as I would hold the cut image in my hand.


Children may enjoy working on  topics such as ‘My favourite things” and can spend countless hours scanning pages to find something that they think deserves to be on the list of favourites.  Over the years ,they will begin to understand about manifestation by reading and can slowly integrate it into part of their every day life. A vision board gives direction.  It  is a constant reminder of where you are headed.



Go ahead and tap into your inner child…




  • Gather your supplies. Colour paper, glue, scissors. Hunt for magazines from friends , family and neighbours.
  • Create space and time. Your space should be large enough for you to comfortably lay out your supplies. Use scented candles and music or whatever makes you feel wonderful.
  • Page through your magazines and feel the emotions that the pictures give you. This is a good way to discern your interests.
  • Enjoy the sensory experience of words. Pay attention to Bold  titles. Which words grab you?
  • Once you have selected the images that appeal to you, you may paste them onto your canvas.
  • Notice any feelings that form resistance within. Heal the thoughts that make you feel that you are not good enough to receive. It is important that all your images reflect positive vibrations to you.
  • Genuinely feel that you  have those things.
  • Paste your vision board up where you will see it every single day. The bedroom is a good place.



  • Your vision board should give you absolute joy. If your goals create a panic or anxiety , you may need to make some adjustments.
  • It is important that the goals on your board are your goals and not other people’s goals and expectations.
  • It is difficult to manifest out of fear and obligation. Fear tells the universe that  it needs to protect you and so it will do whatever it can to help you not meet your worst fears. Manifest out of Love– from the heart.

You can update your vision board as many times as required. Personally I update about once in 6 months – depending on how I aligned I am with my intentions.  We  are own worst enemies  therefore the internal work is ongoing. Getting your mind thinking right is a necessary step to manifestation. Positive thinking is just the tip of the iceberg.

SO this is what I do in the last few days of the year. I prepare my mind, body and spirit for the new year. I could do it at any time of the year but December is my birthday month. December is also a time when the world is going slightly crazy . This is the time I choose to centre myself , align myself with my intentions, meditate and just plain love myself.


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