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In the beginning of January we created a vision board with our goals. Now would be a good time for us to assess if we are still on track. It is easy to lose focus once the holidays are over and real life has smacked you straight back into auto mode, hence this gentle reminder. I want to tell you about how to use SAP to achieve your goals. What is SAP? SAP is an acronym for Specificity, Accountability and Positivity.


SAP (Specificity, Accountability and Positivity).

The degree to which your goal is defined has a great impact on whether your goal will be achieved.

Assess your progress every step of the way. Are you sticking to the plan? Are you moving at the right pace to achieve your end goal in time? Remember, goals are time specific!

What do I want to achieve? I want to update my blog once a week. How will I achieve this? To keep myself updated and inspired, I will read at least one blog from different South African bloggers every day and two international per week.

This, for me, is a realistic goal. I can track my progress and it is achievable. How am I doing so far? I have uploaded 1 blog every two weeks. I am on 50%. This is not great but two months ago I was on 10% so that’s a reason to celebrate. The second part of this goal is that I need to be consistent for 12 months. This is where lists really become helpful because they keep you on track with your end goals. You do not need to wait 12 months to see whether you are still on the right path.


SAP (Specificity, Accountability and Positivity).

If you do not reach your goals, you are to be blamed. You are answerable to your own goals and no matter what happens externally in the outside world, it is your duty to ensure that you set time aside for your goals.

Ideally we would be tracking our goals daily, weekly.

Durban based, South African Entrepreneur, Cindy Norcott, in her book #HowToBeUnstoppable, emphasizes the value of lists. She creates a weekly list that entails details of what needs to be accomplished within that week. That list is further broken down into a daily list with specific, manageable tasks. Any tasks that are not completed on the day are moved to the very top of the following day’s list as a priority. Her weekly lists are updated on Sunday nights with a glass of red wine. Remember to celebrate every achievement along the way!
What I enjoy most about her book is that you can refer to it over and over again along your entrepreneurship journey. It is a practical book on how to be accountable to your goals. You can email to purchase her book.

Now when I started keeping my own lists, I thought I could just make mental notes. It did not work.Not only would I find myself paralysed by the enormity of the work before me but I would also not prioritise well because I would do whatever I remembered or felt comfortable with at the time.

Keeping a physical list that you can see, allows you to cross off tasks when you are done. This gives you a great sense of accomplishment and encourages you to keep going. Also, being able to see your tasks in a list form allows you to prioritize correctly in order of urgency and importance. You are able to group similar tasks together, saving you lots of time. Could you do with a bit of extra time in your day? I sure could. A little preparation gives boundless rewards.


SAP (Specificity, Accountability and Positivity).

It is so easy to fall back into old habits. They make us feel comfortable. Giving up, gives us a sense of relief. Accepting failure leads to self pity which affirms the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves, thus excusing us from achieving greatness.

Stay optimistic. Watch your thoughts, words and surroundings. Clean your work space. Breathe in fresh air. Give thanks for everything that is going right. Give thanks for life and the opportunity that you have been given to create the life of your dreams. Give thanks for your mind. 30 years from now it may not be working as sharply as it is today. Let your ideas work for you now. They are valuable now. They have been given to you specifically because you can execute them like no one can. Yes you can!

Positivity can also be defined as ‘absolute – having no possibility of doubt’. Dismiss all doubtful thoughts. You need to believe in yourself, your ideas and capabilities and treat them as fact rather than speculation.

You will have some down days and then you will have a few horrible days. Work through the down days, even if progress is slow, get as much done as possible. Save your leave days for the horrible days. Yes they will come. Yes you can prepare for them. If you are truly committed  to your goals, you owe them time and attention. Your goals cannot be an afterthought. Think of your goals as a job. You accumulate leave days by working on your goals. You need to work overtime if you have been absent. Try to get full attendance- it may seem impossible but this will fast track you to achievement.

What personal goals are you committed to this year?
Leave your comments below and let us know your progress.

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  • sectorelectricidad

    Interesting question about being engaged. First of all, I”d said that really long engagements are not a great idea. That said, Jacob held off for seven years for Rachel, so it can be done. In that case, I think the specificity of thought matters. Yes, you”re aware of arousal and desire — that hot spark between you two — but you don”t feed that flame until it could burn out of control. There”s a difference between thinking, “I can”t wait for the day I can be physically intimate with my fiance, and “I want to take my tongue and drag it across her skin and— Okay, you get the point. The former strikes me as recognizing your God-given sexuality, and the latter strikes me as a moving into a specific desire to do things you”re not yet in the context to do.

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    Thank you Sandy

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