6 tips on How to Let Go and Free Yourself

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Releasing anything, be it control, a person, or career can often be quite uncomfortable. The purpose of our chat this week is to share tools that we can use to improve the process of letting go.

Each person has a unique manner of processing information and thus possesses special skills to navigate their way through life. I haven’t always been good at letting go. It has taken years of learning the hard way.

Below is a list of what has worked for me. If you are having difficulty releasing something from your life, please continue reading!

1) Change the Story

You probably have a story about your subject. It most likely has a beginning, middle, ending. The narrative needs to change in the mind before we can implement any further steps. What I find most straightforward is to change the ending. So,
“When I met Nokuthula at the bus stop, we clicked instantly! We fast became the best of friends. She will always be an important part of my life.
“When I met Nokuthula at the bus stop, we clicked instantly! We fast became the best of friends. I learned so much during our emotionally rich relationship that I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed.

Make your new ending as empowering as possible and repeat it often to yourself!

In future, don’t be invested in the outcome when it comes to other people, because it often leads to disappointment.

2) Hold on tightly

Sometimes it is not so much about letting go as it is about holding on. Hold on tightly to yourself! Keep your self-respect, values, dignity, dreams, and goals. Once you have lost yourself, there is nothing else to lose, is there? Hold on tightly to you. You are not your past or your pain. You are not even what other people say you are.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung.

3) Immerse yourself in the new

I find this to be quite an exciting step! Relinquishing stuff creates space for more beneficial experiences (not necessarily better than your past experiences, just better for you). Your removal of a bad habit (for example) could free up some time for your studies. What activities have you been missing out on while holding on to things not meant for you? Maybe your job felt toxic to you because it wasn’t your calling. By letting go, you are setting the intention for something better suited to enter your life, which will inevitably make you happier!

4) Stay the course

What we release tends to return to us as if to test our resolve. Remember, you must have had severe reasons that ultimately pushed you to let go. Unless drastic changes occur,  those reasons will always be there. Returning to a situation that you have deemed unsuitable, only indicates that you’re still willing to compromise yourself and happiness.

5) Forgive

When pain is all you have ever known, it is hard to define yourself outside of that hurt. Oddly, negative emotions can feel quite comforting, which makes it even harder to let go. Feelings such as anger, resentment, guilt, will keep you in a situation much longer than necessary. Let go with LOVE. Forgive others, most importantly, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for any time spent being disloyal to you by remaining attached to something that you needed to liberate.

6) Gratitude!

Teach yourself to recognize the lesson in each moment so that you remain forever grateful. Give thanks for these teachings. They were needed for your growth and to prepare you for your upcoming blessings!


Thank you for reading!

What are your insights? 

Share your views in the comment section below.




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Have a be-you-tiful week.  Stay blessed!

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  • Mandisa

    Aah. This is so warm. No. 5 Forgive, I believe that the only way one can move is if they forgive themselves for everything that has never felt right by accepting that what has happened or has been said or done is just that, done and you no one can change that. I know this is hard(testimony) but I know it Is done. I feel like I should be sitting down face to face with y’all. So much I wanna say. But I have taken all that is in this article. Thank you.

    • Mantuli Ntuli

      “Forgiveness is the scent that flowers give off when crushed.” Thank you for your testimony.
      I absolutely agree with you.

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