8 Magical Benefits of adhering to a routine

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Do you struggle with following a routine? Have you ever planned to do 500 things on your day off only to end up chilling on the couch the whole day?

Following a routine is like driving an autonomous vehicle.  Automatics though, despite their name, do not occur automatically. They require complex, detailed programming software. In this case, your brain needs to write the code. What you do in your idle time is purely dependent on the quality of your coding. How do I code my brain you may wonder? Well, with your thoughts of course! The more you think the same thought, the more likely you are to continue thinking it, thus eventually shaping your belief/software which in turn affects your behaviours. Remember when that one person told you that you weren’t good/pretty enough? You replayed that thought in your mind for so long that you believed it and maybe even started acting like an ugly duckling.

Building the routine

I’m a spontaneous person who gets bored easily. I don’t like doing things over and over again. It does not come naturally to me. Adulthood with its increased responsibilities however, has made me appreciate a little bit of structure and stability. I have had to come up with a few tricks to make it work though.

Instead of focusing on how boring repetitive tasks can be, I choose to focus on the rewards. I have programmed my brain to think about how I am going to feel after I have achieved the goal at hand. My brain now gets excited about the result as opposed to worrying about the time or effort required.
Choosing to focus on the positive feelings of accomplishment has tricked my mind to forcing my body to do tasks because it already knows that I am going to feel wonderful afterwards. Delayed gratification is always much more rewarding than the instant stuff that we are used to these days. So, you may get a bit of satisfaction today from lounging on the couch but you will have anxiety tomorrow from the pile of increased work with your name on it.

What are the benefits of following a routine?

Now that we know how to program our mind to establish a routine, what is the point of this again?

1) Reduced stress. This is huge! There are certain things you will no longer have to think/worry about because you are doing them on auto. E.g. – studying, washing dishes, working out, making your bed, saving money.

2) Extra time. The more you repeat your tasks the more proficient you become. This is a fact. Also, you will spend less time THINKING about doing and more time actually DOING.

3) Self trust. You build a better relationship with yourself because you can trust your thoughts and your control over them and your behaviours.

4) Knowing the future. You can predict the outcome if you know the input. If you study every day – you will pass your studies well.

5) Anchoring yourself. You feel grounded when you have order in your life. This anchors you and gives you a feeling of belonging and self worth.

6) Feeling accomplished.  Most people who follow routines have a daily/weekly checklist where they can tick off each completed task. You get to feel like a winner every day!

7) Breaking bad habits. Sticking to a good routine does not only rid you of bad habits that are stunting your progress; it also helps you to instil good ones.

8) Improved mental health. We have already established that you will experience less anxiety. Depression can also be reduced by the feelings of accomplishment you gain from reaching even the smallest of goals.


Do you like following a routine? Share your thoughts and tips below.


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