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“Happiness cannot be owned.  

 It can however be found in all moments.

Cultivate habits and thoughts that invite joy into your everyday life.

 Even at your lowest – a simple thought of gratitude can bring contentment.

Happiness cannot be attached to things or people.

It is a stance of gratitude – an appreciation for what is, regardless of what isn’t.”


Why is it that we tend to dwell on sad memories more than the good? When life is going well, we may feel guilty that it won’t last.

Happiness is found in moments. Of course it won’t last! Why would that surprise you? You can create it every day though – bring it to every moment.  An easy trick is to recall a good memory. This will make you feel good which will attract even more positive energy, creating a ripple effect.

Like a flower, happiness needs to be watered. Just as depression is watered with depressing thoughts, so happiness can be cultivated with happy thoughts. Plant them today! A year from now, you could see a very big difference in your garden of happiness.

What makes you happy?

Make a mental list of all the things that make you joyful and access this list throughout the day to grab every opportunity to inject joy into your experiences. Each day will not be the same and it is up to you to obtain the best out of it. As time goes by and your list becomes longer, you will soon find pleasure in many things.


A good night’s rest makes me feel great! ;  

Seeing my family smile gives me joy;  

Accomplishing tasks gives me great satisfaction;

A delicious nutritious meal makes me pleased! ;

A good laugh instantly uplifts my mood;

Running gets my endorphins going! ;

Gratitude brings me contentment;

Helping others fulfils me;

Spending time alone nourishes my soul;

Travel excites me!

You can access bliss at anytime. You just need to tap into it.  It may be hard to do when you feel like you’re drowning from negative emotions but this is the most important time to access joy. When your mood is low, it is imperative to show yourself love. Give yourself the attention, understanding and care that you would so readily offer a loved one.   Self love includes being compassionate towards yourself!

Have a be-you-tiful week

Stay blessed!

Leave your thoughts and comments below.



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  • Esethu

    So encouraging & thought provoking. Thank you.

    • ADMIN

      You are most welcome. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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