Are you managing your negative thoughts or are they managing you?

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Let’s take a mind trip…

On a blazing hot summer day in Africa around lunchtime, your manager at work invites you and your co-workers to picnic outside on a bright green patch of grass. This is an odd request, even for your quirky, unconventional boss.

Instead of laying a picnic blanket, he whips out a magnifying glass from his back pocket. A blue ball the size of a lemon then makes a jackrabbit appearance from his lunch bag. He sets the blue plastic ball on the grass. Holding the magnifying glass over it, he focuses the rays of the sun on one point until the heat penetrates the glass enough to melt the top of the blue ball. Right on cue, a gecko emerges from the hole and sticks it head out proudly for the team to see. To your utter shock and disgust, your manager then hands you the blue plastic ball with what is to be you new pet for the next few weeks.

The end

The above story is irrelevant. Your only task is to forget it. There is no blue plastic ball with a gecko waiting to hatch. No need to worry about stretching your budget to accommodate pet food.

Are you managing your negative thoughts or are they managing you?

Who is in control of your thoughts? If you are in control, do you have a vice grip on the steering wheel? Are you consumed with intrusive thoughts that are floating about aimlessly in your brain? Please continue reading.

Just like the blue ball that you are now working hard to forget, you need to work just as hard to forget negative thoughts that are not beneficial to your mental health and overall well being.
It would be ambitious of us to try and cover everything in this one chat though we can start the conversation while sharing a few techniques at a time.

I am not good looking enough.
I’m not worthy of these good things that I want.
I am not smart enough.
They are laughing at me.
No one likes me.

Sound familiar? Of course, it does. You only are human. Was it your parents or the school bully who made you feel inadequate? Can you identify the source of your self-criticism and doubt? You are blessed if you can. It can take months/years of therapy. Our objective today is to learn to forget/replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Here are four techniques that you can implement immediately.


Replace your lousy thoughts of self-loathing with upbuilding affirmations. When unwelcomed thoughts enter your mind, counteract them with positive thoughts. Research has shown that affirmations (specific positive statements that you repeat to yourself daily) are tattooed deeper into the subconscious with each repetition. Why is this important to know?
Because your subconscious mind is the go-to library when the conscious mind has run out of urgent things to think about.


Make your negative thoughts so ridiculous that they can’t possibly happen.

Not only are people laughing at you, but they are also laughing so hard that they have wet their couches. The whole world now smells of urine because you made everyone laugh so much. Government tenders have been deployed for businesses to remove the permanent urine smell that permeates the air. Your ridiculousness has created jobs!


Evict the thought. Dismiss it. Yes, tell it to Shoo!
Would you keep an abusive tenant who isn’t even paying rent?
“Negative thought there is no space for you anymore. You are not welcome.”


Validation of your thoughts will save you time!
Put your thoughts in one of the following categories. Is it true? Is it false? Or I don’t know.
If you don’t know if people are sitting on their couches laughing at you, why spend time feeding your mind debilitating lies?


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Have a be-you-tiful week.  Stay blessed!

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