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Remember when the pandemic first arrived in your country? Many were petrified, some doubted and a few even denied its very existence.
As the months have progressed however, it’s becoming harder to ignore the reality of what’s going on in world governance. The world as we know it, ceases to exist.

I had been avoiding blogging about this issue but today I received an invitation to yet another virtual work meeting. As someone who is self employed, I hardly have to attend meetings anyway but from time to time we do have to meet stakeholders, partners and those invested in us.

AI  – Artificial intelligence

A news clip on YouTube (since I don’t own television)  illuminated the fact that artifial intelligence is now at the forefront of education, commerce and even politics. Being someone who runs an online shop from her website for a few years now, I obviously expected the world to head in this direction. The rate at which it is happening and the timing of it all is what is too coincidental.

Here you are in the discomfort of you own home (or parent’s)🏠 , petrified of a virus attacking🔨 your respiratory system threatening to kill you off in a matter of weeks! Meanwhile some unidentifiable entity is seamlessly implementing intelligent robots to take over jobs such as teaching, governance and other sectors where human mistakes are not desirable.

You have no say of course, because this is not a local issue but an international state of emergency which does not consider your democratic vote. All we know, according to African leaders, is that America and China are doing it – so we shall follow their success stories.
“Mom, but everyone else is doing it” was a sentence that got me into trouble every single time.

We wait for the next instruction. It is clear that someone has a plan, but WHO?


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