Failing your way to success

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Do you recall ever failing at anything? Are you failing right now? Have you ever failed so dismally that you thought you’d never be able to face the world again? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, I have great news for you!

Failing is a privilege awarded to participants.  It is not for mediocre, oxygen thieves who don’t do the work. Failure is only gifted to those who put in effort.

When marathon runners from across the globe participate in the annual Comrades between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, they don’t all win first prize. Some don’t even complete the race! There is a huge difference however between marathon runners and the people sitting on the couch observing the marathon. If you are not participating then you are not failing. Non participants should not classify themselves as failures since they do not meet the minimum requirements necessary for achievement!

Hanging around street corners during the day does not make you a failure. You would need to be actively looking for income streams – jobs, business ideas- for you to upgrade yourself to failure status.

You don’t know everything

Accepting that you don’t know everything is helpful to understanding failure. New experiences inevitably come with unknown challenges.  Fortunately, each step you take into the unknown expands your knowledge and understanding. Perhaps you won’t get things right on the first attempt but you will gain resources and lessons to make your next few tries more successful.

The more colossal the failure, the better. For every BIG target that you miss, there are small milestones that you reach successfully, probably without realizing or even intending to. These checkpoints that you smash effortlessly on your way to the main objective are actually part of the goal. You, my dear friend, are not failing – you are winning progressively.

I remember my first failure. Don’t we all? I must have been in grade 11 or so. I scored low marks on my subjects and was demoted to a different alphabet the following year- from B to D class or something like that. Certain that I would die from embarrassment- I wished for the world to swallow me whole. Separated from my usual clique due to different classes, I had to adapt quickly.

In retrospect – that is probably one of the most exciting growth experiences that I faced in my teen years. I was taken out of my comfort zone and  introduced to amazing people that I would not have had the opportunity to build friendships with had things remained the same.  Life took a different trajectory after that experience. I learned to embrace new situations and to make them work out positively for me.  Most importantly, I learned to get back up.

Positive sides of failure

  • Getting your foot in the door. You won’t be starting from scratch on your next attempt.
  • You acquire useful data on how to reach your objective.
  • It can be an opportunity for growth if you focus on the actual journey.
  • Failure can bring positive unexpected results. You might miss the original mark but perfectly achieve something else.
  • You strengthen your resilience every time you get back up.



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