Jamaican Black Castor Oil – the NATURAL HEALER

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BIG HAIR DOES CARE  “Jamaican Black castor oil is the number one choice amongst naturals.”

What is JBCO?

The dark nutrient rich oil is obtained from pressing castor beans.It’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties make it beneficial against folliculitus, dandruff and scalp infections and its ricinoleic acid content helps increase circulation to the scalp and improve hair growth.


Who should use JBCO?

Anyone with thinning hair, dandruff, a flaky scalp, stunted hair growth, itchy scalp

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  • Rapid increase of hair growth
  • Encourages the growth of long eye lashes
  • Repair dry, damaged or brittle hair
  • Treat split ends
  • Thicken the hair
  • Soften and condition the skin
  • Treat a dry, itchy scalp
  • Treat and prevent dandruff
  • Heal dry and chapped skin
  • Cleanse the skin and clear and tighten pores
  • Treat acne


When should you use JBCO?

You can use it every day as a scalp massage oil or once a week as a hot oil treatment.


Can JBCO be used with other products?

Absolutely. Tropic Isle Living JBCO is organic. It does not contain any other ingredient besides the oil. It can also be mixed with conditioners and your favourite shampoo.


How to spot real JBCO

The bottle will say ‘No salt added’

The bottle will also state ‘100% natural’

The most important thing is to check the ingredients. JBCO only contains JBCO. It is pure. There are no other ingredients added.


What do people have to say about JBCO?



Is JBCO only for hair?

No. Organic JBCO is originally a skin treatment for treating minor ailments as well as aches and pains. It has penetrative properties that allow the oil to be deeply absorbed into the skin, which is why it also works so well for stimulating hair growth.  JBCO can be added to your skin regime for soft, supple skin. When using JBCO for skin, check that it is pure JBCO and that the bottle does not contain any other ingredients as they could cause harm to your skin. JBCO can be used to steam the skin. You can achieve this be either by applying the healing oil  on your face and steaming afterwards or applying to the entire body and enjoying a full body steam or sauna after.


Can men use JBCO?

Yes. Men find it particularly useful for patchy beards and dry skin.




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  • Keora

    Hi there,

    I love your site, is there a place where I can pick-up in KZN? Or do you deliver all these products?

    • OYA HAIR

      Hi Keora
      Thank you for the compliment!

      We can arrange pickup with you and we also do free delivery in Durban CBD.

  • Homba

    Do you supply at Port Elizabeth?where
    Thank you

  • Nombulelo

    I would like to order Black Jamaican Castor Oil , I’m in Durban Central

  • Fezo

    I would like to purchase this oil, I live in Joburg what is the procedure. Thanks

  • Nthabiseng


    Here can I find the product in Polokwane?

  • Jomana

    I’m from Arab country and wearing scafe in the morning but when I’m at home not wearing it. Will the oil works or should be my hair open? Can I wash my hair every week or twice?



  • Babygirl

    Am in Postmasburg were can I get this product

  • Babygirl

    Postmasburg is in Northern Cape sorry I did not mention that

  • zandy

    I wanr to try your product ..where can I find it and how much

  • Asiphe

    I’m in mthatha. Where can i get black hair jammaican castor oil here?

  • Intando

    How can i get myself a bottle, I stay i Centurion.

  • Zama

    Hi all. Thank you for your comments. You may purchase jbco on the website and choose a delivery method.

    • Candie

      Finding this post has anewersd my prayers

  • Joyce

    LEAVE YOUR COMMENT hi guys ,where in Durban can i buy your isle black castor oil m interested,tx jn advance.vuyo

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  • Nasiphi

    Am in mthatha and I want to try ur product cz I have hair loss

  • blineta

    do you guys sell it in Cape Town?i had massive hairloss and is really in need for it

  • tmseloshe2016

    I bought 1, bt now im not sure if is it or no,this 1 I bought has lavender in it

    • ADMIN

      Hi. We do not stock scented Jamaican oil.

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