Self respect

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Self respect

Self respect and love can lead you to a happy, peaceful life.


Do you truly value and respect yourself? Are your life decisions based on self respect?

When you respect yourself first, it is very easy to respect others. When someone doesn’t respect themselves, it is highly unlikely that they will be respectful towards others.

“So I’m going through a process of self-evaluation and recognizing places in which I’ve been deeply unkind and unloving and having to really see, not only how I’ve been that way with others, but how I’ve been that way with myself.” Jada Pinkett Smith


What does self respect entail?

Self respect is not vanity or a superiority complex.

Whatever the circumstance; action or conversation, you can ask yourself the below questions to gauge your level of self respect at the time.


Am I going to be proud of my actions tomorrow?

Is this situation bringing out the best in me?

Am I representing and presenting myself authentically at this time?

Am I causing unnecessary hurt to myself or anyone else in this situation?

Do I feel good about myself in this moment?


Your level of self respect determines the actions you take towards others and yourself.


Self respect will nudge you to leave that party early on Saturday.
Self respect keeps  you up studying at night.
Self respect is going to keep your home tidy, clean and hygienic.
Self respect will feed you and your family healthy nutritious foods.
Self respect takes care of your future self by choosing to save money today.
Self respect cuts toxic friendships/ relationships short and without drama.
Self respect causes you to walk away from heated arguments.
Self respect will keep you far from gossip.
Self respect stops you from calling that guy/gal that doesn’t show you respect.
Self respect does not tolerate any form of abuse.
Self respect prevents you from losing yourself in relationships.
Self respect is what keeps ex drug addicts clean.


As you can tell, the benefits of self respect are endless!

It is never too late to start respecting yourself and others. It’s never too late to do anything, really.

Not everyone is going to appreciate the new you and that is perfectly fine.

There are plenty self-respecting people that you are yet to meet, who are going to match your level of self respect.

Life is a process of catching and letting go, attracting and repelling. Your energy determines what you are attracting and repelling at the time.

You can have the respect you deserve just by giving it to yourself. Others will sense it and act accordingly by either shaping up or shipping out.


When you are surrounded by those who love and respect you, joy and peace follow, naturally.

Have an amazing week!

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