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According to my magic crystal ball, you are destined to become remarkably successful! Not only are you going to be paid generously for your hobbies, you will also enjoy everlasting love from a true soul-mate. You are to be blessed with family bliss with very little to no misunderstandings until you both leave this life peacefully at the age of 105, 5 minutes apart, still in fantastic health! The end.

Would life be as exciting if we really could predict our exact future? Imagine knowing what you will have for lunch on the 17 of November 2025 and with whom. I’m bored just thinking about it. We need the element of surprise to keep things spicy. Wouldn’t you agree?

Life doesn’t have to catch you off guard though. It doesn’t have to be a thriller that has you flying by the seat of your pants. You most certainly cannot predict the future, but you can definitely steer your life in the preferred direction. So, what are you attracting in your future?

What do you see around you?

 If you see a myriad of successful people around you, it means that you are successful or at least headed that way.

What we focus on expands. That is why it is vital to clap for others. When you are joyful for someone else’s win, you welcome the positive energy of achievement and success in your own life. When you ignore or give off negative feelings such as jealousy, you are telling the universe, God, spirit, in no uncertain terms that you neither want nor welcome what you are seeing. 

What videos or movies attract your attention? Are you drawn to dramas that depict negative family and work situations or are you drawn towards more positive programs which promote wholesome values for you and your family?

What you see regularly gets fed into your subconscious even if you are not aware of it. It becomes what you expect from life and eventually what you get from it.

What are your daily habits?

Your consistent actions truly create who you become. You can use this secret to align your habits with your desired outcome.

A person who exercises regularly and makes healthy eating choices is attracting better health in their old age. Unforeseen circumstances can, of course, affect our bodies but, keeping up with a health regimen means we will be better equipped to face challenges.

Are you drinking alcohol every day? If you answered yes, what do you think you might be attracting in your future? I’ll let you answer that.

Here is a challenge: Make a list of your daily habits and write down the most likely result for each.

Thoughts become things

What we think about becomes what we speak about and eventually what we do. Our thoughts become things. It is, therefore, crucial to keep control of them.

Ever noticed how people who are clinically depressed find it difficult to speak positively about anything? This is because their thoughts are so dark and disturbing while they are ill. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps them in the cycle of depression.

Visualizations and affirmations are an effective way to retrain the mind to think correct thoughts that are conducive to your well-being. Visualize your future in detail. Do this every single day as many times as you want. Imagine, vocalize, take action towards your goals. You will attract even more than you had imagined!

Our chat next week will focus on how we can use affirmations to train our minds to stop wandering aimlessly and to think helpful thoughts that heal.

Based on what you are seeing, thinking, and doing daily, what are you attracting into your life? Please do share your future predictions in the comments.


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Have a be-you-tiful week.  Stay blessed!

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